Spider-Man Movies and My Thought

Most famous and movies from Hollywood Spider-Man is in top 10 movies. It has a great business like Harry Potter and Superman. It is the movie of 2 hours and 1 min. At 1st it was released on May 2002. It was known as action and adventure movie.

Spider-Man Director was Sam Raimi and it was started with Toby Maguire, Kristen Dunst, Willem Dafoe, James Franco etc.

In the review of the movie movies.about.com writes,

“Beating a fast retreat from his fight at school, Peter begins exploring all of his new powers including web-slinging and scaling buildings. As he begins taking advantage of his special powers, he also begins analyzing what to do with his spidey skills. Love is the central theme that flows through the film and Peter’s first public display is at a wrestling match where the winner will walk off with $3,000 – $3,000 that Peter will use to buy a car and impress Mary Jane. The wrestling match sets in motion a chain of events that changes the way Peter will forever approach his powers.

Concurrent to Peter’s spidey story there runs another storyline about a wealthy scientist, Norman Osborn (father of Peter’s best friend, Harry), who, fearing the loss of his government contract, injects himself with a substance that changes him into an evil psycho – eventually dubbed the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin becomes Spider-Man’s archenemy and the two battle it out over the streets of New York.

Throughout the movie, Spider-Man swings from one building to another, saving babies, innocent folks who are in the wrong place at the very wrong time, and Mary Jane – repeatedly. Being scared of heights, some of the special effects had me grasping the armrests of my theater seat. I was leaning forward with Spidey as he swung between towering office buildings. Though some critics/moviegoers will label a few of the CGI effects cheesy, I can’t imagine how they could have been achieved without the use of CGI.”

I think most famous movie spider man comes with its success of business purpose. Its second and 3rd part were like 1st part and earn money as it was decided by the producer and director. There was a comedy also that Hollywood movies comes with the name of insect but I think it is the mind and technology of Hollywood who brings the success movie like spider-man.


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