“Balika Badhu TV Serial is Necessary for Society?” Blog Debate

I think it is debate and it is real question for everyone to ask from the TV serials provider that is Balika Badhu TV serial necessary for society or not? I don’t think that the TV serial is necessary. It spread the negativity in society all the things. But you should read all about it from the blog “TV Serial and TV Shows”:

“Balika Badhu TV serial is based on child marriages. The serial is broadcaster on Colors from Monday to Friday at 8 pm. It seems the serial spread awareness of child marriage. It is based on Indian child marries which is not really exist in our society really today.

It was the time of 19th century, when Raja Rammohun Roy had tried to end the practice of child marriage. From that time till now it is about 200 years. We are now 200 years before after watching the serial you can feel…read more…



  1. Yeshwant Gajre said


    It is necessary to show about child marriage as this is still exists in our villages.One can go to the diffrent village and find out about poverty and child marriage.The real fact of Rajsthan about widow getting re married must be also be shown.Husband sell thier wives after proper auction need to be shown.A widow child or adult femal are being sold 4/5 times even after having children in short they marry four/five times. This fact of society to be covered in Balika badhu.

    Kindly see the VARDAT shown on AJ TAK TV on 24/10/08 about this.

    Y S Gajre.

  2. chandrakant soni said

    balika badhu serial me anandi ki baat to chalo thik hai..ki woh kum umar ki nabalig hai.., par gahena…? uske maa/ baap ne paise ke liye jab gahena ka sauda kiya usi waqt virodh uthana chahiye tha gahena ne .., gahena ki soch ye hai ki uske maa/bapu ne jogunah kiya woh sab maaf…aur uski saza khamkhah sasural walo ko de rahi hai…, mere khayal se gahena ko halat se smjota kar lena chahiye…, aur saas ka shukriya karna chahiye ki ab bhi woh sabkuchh bhul kar ..gahena ko ek bhagyshali maa banne ka mauka de rahi hai

    jai hind

  3. Jamawar said

    I think you are going over drive in criticizing the old traditions. It was going very well, but the marriage of Gahna which was said to be child marriage was as per you above 18, and with her consent, even if under pressure.It was wrong as an age difference, but even if we go by present laws, the husband had all the conjugal rights, so criticising the same upto some limits was OK but not as a revolt, which was not justified. Similarly to criticize the child marriage of Sukhna her husband has been killed, though it was apparent from the beginning as this is what the stryline wants to depict, but what is the sense in
    showing crying scenes for last one week. In my opinion this is going to drop the TRP drastically, as I feel it is not worth watching this serial any more.

  4. Dhiren Gajjar said

    Speed up the serial, it is going very slowly. For small instances u are taking so much time. Now it is right time to jump up the serial. What ever u wants to show, it is over. If do the so, the popularity will be more. All directors are afraid of to do so because lots of lacking are there. So keep it up. Good luck

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