Wrestling in MTV Splitsvilla 3 TV Show

Wrestling in MTV Splitsvilla 3

Today, on 16th January, MTV Splitsvilla 3 introduces wrestling. It was a task for both- boys and girls. Girls had to compete with girls and boys had to compete with boys. It was the adventurous, curious and courageous task of MTV Splitsvilla 3 TV Show.

Last time in MTV Splitsvilla 3, king and queen task was won by Mahip and Niharika. So, they ask to send a person in safe zone. Mahip chooses Vikash but he denies going in safe zone.

Splitsvilla 3 TV Show is introduced by Nikhil Chopra and Deepti Gujral. Nikhil asks Niharika also to send a girl in safe zone. She chooses Pooja to send in safe zone. The offer is accepted by Pooja.

Now, the wrestling starts with some rules – Guys had to compete with guys and girls had to compete with girls. At first, girls come in wrestling rings. They get safety masks before fighting. They had to push off each other from the ring in this task. They can’t scratch, punch or fight with each other. They had to push off each other only from the ring. The task is won by Pavitra.

In the second round of wrestling in MTV Splitsvilla 3, boys come in ring. Now, the curious and adventurous wrestling starts among the guys. Everyone wanted to push off Raman at first but he goes out from the ring with Vikash. Finally, the task is won by Ashish in Splitsvilla 3 TV Show.

Now, the winner of the task had to compete with existing king and queen. So, Niharika competes with Pavitra. In this task, Pavitra wins the wrestling fight in Splitsvilla 3 TV Show.

Finally, Ashish competes with Mahip for the king position. In this task, Ashish gets injured. His upper lip cuts from the head of Mahip because he had removed safety mask. After some time, he stands up to continue his fight. Now, the rules change. Now, they had to fall down 3 times each other. Finally, Ashish quits the fight.

At last, guys and girls meet in dumping zone with a great plotting and planning. In the dumping zone of MTV Splitsvilla 3 Show, Raman and Nirmal is dumped by king and queen.

New queen of Vodafone Splitsvilla 3 is Pavitra however; Mahip continues his crown of king. 16th January, 2010 episode of MTV Splitsvilla 3 Show was really very adventurous, curious, courageous and amazing. Finally the episode ends with the dialogue – “this is Splitsvilla 3, world war 3 of love”.


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