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Songs and Music Review of Robot 2010 Album

Robot is an upcoming movie of Bollywood produced by Kalanithi Maran. Music of the film is composed by A. R. Rahman. Swanand Kirkire is lyricist of Robot 2010 film.

“Kilimanjaro” is a wonderful song of Robot music sung by Javed Ali and Chinmaya. The song is inspired by South Indian music. There is rhythmic lyric and music in this soundtrack. It is a really very appreciating song of Robot 2010 album.

“Arima Arima” song of Robot 2010 music is sung by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam. The song is based on the fast-paced band music. Lyric of the song is also very bold and meaningful. It is dedicated to the natural God and human society.

“Naina Miley” song of Robot music begins with band and blinking music. It is based on fast-paced instrumental music. It is sung by A.R Rahman, Suzanne and Kash n’ Krissy. It is inspired by western music also.

“Chitti Dance Showcase” song of Robot music is dedicated to the movie theme. It is sung by Pradeep Vijay, Praveen, Rags and Jogi B. Rap music is very effective in this song. It is based on the hip-hop dance in eastern style.

“Pagal Anukan” is a very different song of Robot album which tunes on slow-paced piano music. It is sung by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal. It is a romantic song of Robot music.

“O Naye Insaan” song of Robot music is also dedicated to the movie. The soundtrack tunes on very slow-paced music. It is a very different soundtrack in the Robot 2010 album.

Lyric of the “Boom Boom Robo Da” soundtrack is very unique and different which is sung by Rags, Jogi B, Madhushree, Kirthi and Tanvi. It is a comical song of Robot 2010 music.

Robot 2010 is a mechanical movie however; songs of the film are not mechanical. All songs tunes on very different lyric and music like Milenge Milenge music.

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