Ring Ka King Championship Began with International Wrestlers on Colors TV through Ring Ka King: Wrestling Ka Mahayudh

Ring Ka King TV Show

I am very confused to see international wrestlers on Indian Television. We have watched them on World Wrestling Entertainment. Now, they have joined Indian TV Show – Ring Ka King for the championship. Is it their downfall?

I watched some top wrestlers of the WWE and TNA in Ring Ka King on Colors TV. They have joined the Show for the Heavy Weight Championship title of Ring Ka King.

The Show premiered on 28th January, 2012. It has been scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM in India. It is a new and Indian version of wrestling TV Show.

Format of the Show is very similar to World Wrestling Entertainment. There is a commissioner to make the rule. The background of Ring Ka King TV Show is filled with enthusiastic wrestlers. There are commentators to comment on the Show in Hindi. There is an announcer to announce the name of the wrestlers. There is referee to judge the match.

There is a host also to run Ring Ka King Show. The host is non-other than Harbhajan Singh, the most popular Indian cricketer.

We watched Chavo Guerrero Jr, Max B, Sir Brutus Magnus, Dr. Dinsmore Nicholas, Sanjay Dutt, Mahabali Veera, Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan wrestlers in the first episode of the Show. They are introduced by the host of the Show.

We watched two matches between Dr. Dinsmore Nicholas-Mahabali Veera and Sir Brutus Magnus-Matt Morgan. These matches are won by Mahabali Veera and Matt Morgan. So, they entered into semi-final.

Colors TV has announced to introduce 30 international wrestlers on the platform to entertain Indian viewers. First time, wrestling is introduced as TV Show in India for the Ring Ka King Championship with international wrestlers.

Viewers have too more expectation with the Show. They want to see Undertaker, Khali, John Cena and The Rock on the Show. But their name has not been included in the list for the Ring Ka King Championship.

Ring Ka King is a Total Non Stop (TNA) wrestling Show on Colors TV. Abyss, Broadway, Cliff Compton, Harry Smith, Jimmy Rave, Luke Gallows, Zema Ion, Angelina Love, Mickie James and Raisha Saeed are also included in the list for the championship. There will be Diva wrestlers too to entertain Indian viewers.

There is glamour, humor, emotion and action in Ring Ka King. But actions and stunts of Indian wrestlers are not very perfect like international wrestlers. It is a perfect entertaining Show for Indian viewers like Survivor India.

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