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Philosophy has been divided by its theory. Most logical philosophical theories are from Europe so I will write about European philosophy. The Value of knowledge is the essence of philosophy. Two philosopher have been included in the scientific philosophy. One is Marx and Seconds are Hegel. However, there were many philosopher in the world of scientific philosophy and their books were related to scientific philosophy.

From Galileo To Feuerbach time is called as Classical Epistemology. It is the time when nature was dominated on the philosophy and philosopher were inspired by natural philosophy. All the aspect of logic was related to nature and books were related to these topics.

Marx and Engles time was Critique of Political Economy. In their time all the philosophy was related to human society that is why Marx has announced that there is no more space for philosophy because science is taking place.

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s Famous Books Lists

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both has wrote many books on various theme. Here are some lists of them:

On Literature and Art:

The German Ideology

The Communist Manifesto

On Economics:

The Poverty of Philosophy

Wage Labour and Capital
Das Capital

Theories of Surplus Value

On Philosophy:

The Holy Family

Theses on Feurebach

Anti Duhring

Socialism: Utopian & Scientific

Dialectics of Nature

They have written on various topics but these are most important tips and books. Most famous books are on Economics and Philosophy.

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Reading such books of horror

As such, reading such books of horror has become the fashion of the day. This trend has lead to the demand of more horror books and this demand has lead to the higher prices of such books. However, with the popularity of the Internet, and the on-line shopping many publishers are striving to publish such e-books. It is a new phenomena and it has come a long way in helping the readers find such cheap books. Very often, the readers are able to read such books even on-line.

Readers who read horror books and are interested to purchase such cheap books on-line must however exercise caution before using their payment modes such as bank accounts, debit and credit cards.

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