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Uses of “A”, “An” and “The” in English Grammar

Uses of “A”, “An” and “The” in English grammar are known as “Article”. In English grammar it has great importance because it is the chapter of great uses.

“A” and “An” are known as indefinite article. These are used for those which are not certain. If a person waiting outside from the door and he is not known then we can use “A” for that person.

Normally, “A” is used with consonant and “An” is used with vowel but the uses of these in actual sense are different. To use “An” there should be a sound of vowel in Hindi and similarly there should be a sound of consonant in Hindi to use “A”.

“A” and “An” both are used for uncertain and for those which are in singular number. For these uses these are known as indefinite article.

In the article chapter “The” has greater importance and it is known as definite article. It is used for those which are certain. If a person who is known by us will take “The”. “The” formerly, is used for universal things and for well known things.

Sun, Moon, Earth, Sky, God etc. always take the before it because these are well known famous and universal things. So, it should be clear in the uses of “The” that all things which are most well known will take “The” before it. For example – The Ganga, The Himalayas etc are taken” The” before all.

In the English grammar it is clear that article uses are not hard but the situation understanding for the use of article is very hard. To learn English very effectively you should know the uses of article also in the recent education and study.

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