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First Aid to Save People Health and Life

First aid known as immediate help also. You can say it is the situations which show the gap between life and death. If a person injure deeply, you can save his life to give first aid before emergency help arrives.

To save people life or health what can be your duty as a first aider? It is the suitable question for the topic. 1st you have to asses the situations very sincerely and decide what is needed for that time to the injured person.

In the next movement you can asses the causalities of the injured person and can some decision towards his health. In the casualties formalities you can check the injury person seriously, his breathing etc. to his better health.

For the further causalities there can be effective aim to help people health and life. All the casualties should remain before arriving the help.

As a first aider you can take training also in any hospital or institute. It is better aspect to become people helper as a health assistance.

After taking the training of first aider you can keep always with you a first aid kit for always people help. By this way you can be a better social server to save people health and life.

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