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Thesis on Time Value of Money for SMU MB0029 Assignment

a) “Write a short note on time value of money.”

b) Mr. Ram Prasad deposit Rs. 10, 000 at the end of evry year for 5 years into his deposit account for 5 years. It earns a compound interest of 8% per annum.

1) Find out the amount of the end of the five years.

2) In case the interest is accrued for every half year, find out the sum of the end of the period.

3) What is the difference if he deposit Rs. 10,000 at the beginning of every year and the interest is compound half yearly?

Answer – a) Time value of money is the value of a unit of money at different time intervals. The value of money received today is more than its value received at a later date. In other words, the value of money changes over a period of time since a rupee received today has more value; rational investors would prefer current receipts to future receipts. That is why this phenomenon is also referred to as “Time preference of money”/ Some times it occurred as time value of money.

b) = 10000 FVIFA (8%, 5y)
= 10000 x 11.734

1) 117340
2) 157340
3) 4000

c) Mr. Arvind desires to purchase 10 bonds whose face value of each bond being Rs. 10,000 and the maturity period being five years. The nominal rate of interest is 9% and the required rate of return is 13% what is the price should be willing to pay how to purchase the bonds?

Answer – c) Interest payable 1000 x 9% = Rs. 90
Principal repayment is Rs. 1000
Required rate of return is 13%

VO = 1 x PVIFA (kd, n) + F x PVIF (kd, n)
Value of the bond = 90 x PVIFA (13%, 5y) + 1000 x PVIF (13%, 5y)
= 80 x 3.791 + 1000 x 0.621
=303.28 + 621
=Rs. 924.28

b) VO = 1 x PVIFA (KD, n) + F x PVIF (kd, n)

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SMU MBA Assignment Question-2 from MB 0028 Book

I found a blog on the SMU MBA Assignment. You can find from the blog all types of MBA assignment of Sikkim Manipal University. I am going to publish one of the assignment questions from the MBA assignment blog.

Production and operations Management

Question 2. Sate the important consideration for locating an automobile plant? Collect information on layout planning of an automobile plant from various services and furnish the same.

Answer: To locate an automobile company or plant many thing should be consider. For an automobile plant automated flaw lines, automated assembly lines, flexible manufacturing systems, global transition rapid prototyping. Building manufacturing flexibility things are necessity.

About the automated flow lines we can say it is a machine which is linked by a transfer system which moves the parts by using handling machines which are also automated, we have an automated flow line.

Human intervention ma is needed to verify that the operations ate taking place according to standards. When these cab be achieved with the help of automation and the processes are conducted with self regulation, we will have automated flow lines established.

In fixed automation or hard automation, where one component is manufactured using services operations and machines it is possible to achieve this condition. We assume that product life cycles are sufficiently stable to interest heavily on the automate flow lines to achieve reduces cast per unit.

Product layouts ate designed so that the assembly tasks are performed in the sequence they are designed at each station continuously. The finished item came out at the end of the line.

In automated assembly lines the moving pallets move the materials from station to station and moving arms pick up parts, place them at specified place and system them by perusing, riveting, & crewing or even welding. Sensors will keep track of there activities and move the assembles to the next stage.

The machines are arranged in a sequence to perform operations according to the technical requirements.

The tools are loaded, movements are effected, speeds controlled automatically without the need for worker’s involvement.

The flexibility leads to better utilization of the equipments. It reduces the numbers of systems and rids in reduction of investment as well as a space needed to install them. One of the major cancers of modern manufacturing systems is to be able to respond to market
Demands which have uncertainties.

Prototyping is a process by which a new product is developed in small number so as to determine the suitability of the materials, study the various methods of manufactured, type of machinery required and develop techniques to over come problems that my be encountered when full scale manufacture is undertaken.

Prototypes do meet the specification of the component that enters a product and performance can be measured on these.

It helps in con be reforming the design and any shortcomings can be rectified at low cost.

Flexibility has three dimensions in the manufacturing field. They are variety, volume and time. There demands will have to be satisfied. In that sense they become constraints which restrict the maximization of productivity. Every business will have to meet the market demands of its various products in variety volumes of different time.

Flexibility is also needed to be able to develop new products or make improvements in the products fast enough to cater to shifting marker needs.

Manufacturing systems have flexibility built into them to enable organization meet global demand. You have understood how the latest trends in manufacturing when implemented help firms to stay a head in business.

Note: all the answer has been taken by SMU book of MB 0028 for this assignment.”

Source Via: Question-2 – Assignment-1 of SMU – MBA Book of MB 0028

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MBA Question of MB 0023 for SMU Type – A

All the questions are for SMU MBA of MB 0023 book. The question topic is communication. All questions are related to English and communication skills development. These are most probable question which can ask during the examination of MB 0023 paper of MBA in Sikkim Manipal University. If you need more question then you can visit the MBA education blog also for more question.

  1. Communication is a – activity in any society.

  1. Unnatural
  2. Natural
  3. Flexible
  4. Free

  1. The word NOISE is synonymous to –

  1. Speech
  2. Presentation
  3. Audience
  4. Barriers

  1. Written communication can be referred as –

  1. Matter
  2. Cases
  3. Data
  4. Documents

  1. The Supportive communication to verbal communication is

  1. Non-verbal
  2. Supportive
  3. Speech
  4. None of the above

  1. A good communicator will – to a message before reacting to it.

  1. Receive
  2. Listen
  3. Write
  4. Speak

  1. Communicating with the help of electronic media devices is called –

  1. Electro communications
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Wireless communication
  4. Mobile

7.– is a tool that helps people understand messages

  1. Listening
  2. Observations
  3. Perception
  4. Vision

  1. The first and foremost skill required for learning a language is – skill.

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking

  1. A memo is written on a prepared form and distributed – in an organization.

  1. Externally
  2. Internally
  3. Informally
  4. None of the above

  1. Salutation is not written in a –

  1. Persona letter
  2. A memo
  3. A circular
  4. A letter

  1. A – is meant for a large group

  1. Notice
  2. Memo
  3. Circular
  4. Report

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MBA from Sikkim Manipal University

There is a opportunity for working students to get MBA degree. Sikkim Manipal University is now famous in MBA course also. It has latest and updated course from commercial and professional point of view in global environment.

SMU offers MBA degree as a distance education in very low prices. There are about all latest courses which others universities offer. I think the course can be benefited to working students.

To get promotions in global environment and big companies there are need of MBA degree and every companies expecting to hire as an MBA for top management post.

For the post as a manager or part of management there is need of MBA degree. In the conditions SMU can be better to working students to get the degree.

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