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Theory of Organizational and Political Training Arguments

This theory is a part of debate on unemployment arguments.

However, we think that the present condition of the revolutionary camp is such that these arguments only add to our worries. If our present practice is such that Leninist principles have become the main casualty and it is treated as a stuff of organizational- political exigency and not as a matter of constant organizational practice and training, then one can hardly find any substance in such arguments.

Apart from this, a whole thing is being reduced to its part. Democratic Centralism is such a part to which the main body of the Leninist Principle is being reduced.

Then, can we afford to continue to lose sight of the main thing, the kernel, in the Leninist Principle?

We hold that one to the most important things that the Russian Revolution has thrown to light and to the notice of all of us is that in the present day world of highly centralized rule and machinery of exploitation and coercion of the bourgeoisie and the imperialists, we can not do without the correct understanding and grasping of the importance of Ideological-political and organization centralization – the main essence of the Leninist principle of a revolutionary organization.

It is a matter of great importance for all of us to know and understand that the purity of the theory is as much an important thing as practical diplomacy and flexibility to further the cause of the revolutionary movement. Today is the time when the question of the former is often sacrificed in the name of the practical needs of the movement. The result is that the whole movement has slowly and steadily acquired a peculiar trend of apathy for theory. The whole movement is continuously giving grounds for alien theory and ideology which the international proletarian movement had long before overcome, defeated and smashed.

To recharge ourselves and our movement, let’s learn from the great history of the making of the world-shaking “October Revolution”. Let us emulate it. Let us explore the experiences of the whole international proletarian revolution and march on even more courageously. It is not to neglect the importance of practical movement. Not at all, rather it is a question of putting the horse in front of the cart in stead of the other way round.

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