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India Tour with Kolkata Traveling

Culcutta is now known as Kolkata. It is the capital of Indian state West Bengal. It is situated on Hoogly river bank at the eastern side of India. It has more than 15 million people. It is third largest city of Indian urban state.

Till 1911 in the British Raj Kolkata was the capital of India. It is 1st largest town from density point of view. Kolkata is the Bengali version of Kalikata. In 2001 the Name Kolkata converts from Culcutta on dthe request of Bengali.

Kolkata from tourist point of view:

Kolkata from tourist point of view is very strong as an Indian Travel Destination . It is the state of east India. It has not hill station like North India and Holiday destination however the beauty comes from its culture and history. Kolkata attract the visitors to travel its culture and beauty historically. In spite of Kolkata has develop itself as a modern city.

Kolkata Tour with Historical Places:

Historically Kolkata is very sound. You can visit here historical place which are:

St. Paul’s Cathedral – the building is built during the British Raj. It is situated beside the Victoria Memorial.

Victoria Memorial – It is one more attraction point of historical knowledge in Kolkata. The Hall has been built in the memory of British Queen Victoria.

Fort William – It is situated in the eastern bank of Hoogly river. It is the largest urban park of Kolkata.

Kolkata port – it was situated in 1945. It had the important as military port.

Kolkata Tour from Cultural Point of View:

Kolkata has been developed as Cultural point of view as well as historical. The people of Kolkata have strong feeling in religion so, you can see many temples also which as own importance from art and culture point of view.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata is most famous as a Kali temple.

Modern Kolkata Tour:

In the modern part of Kolkata are:

Science City

Eden Gardens

Salt Lake Stadium

Birla Planetarium

National Library

Tipu Sultan Mosque

Vidyasagar Setu

Rabindra Sadan

Birla Planetarium

These are the main attractions of Kolkata town. So, if you have plan to visit Kolkata you can take more knowledge along with your tour.

Victoria Memorial

To reach Kolkata there are all the way open. You can come by Air, Train, Road or water. Bay of Bengal is the connected with Kokata beach.

So, Kolkata tour can be greater tour of your life.

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