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An Injustice in the House of Dharamraj in Bandini Serial on NDTV Imagine

Arjun in Bandini

As we know, Bandini is a story of a girl whose name is Santo. She has spent her life in the house of Dharamraj serving as a servant. Dharamraj is the richest diamond merchant of Gujrat. He keeps Santo in his house to look after his children.

She has proved herself the best for the family of Dharamraj and him. Finally, she wins Dharamraj’s heart also. Dharamraj marries her. He gives her a name – Bandini.

Santo has managed the house and family of Dharamraj as the best mother. She has faced many difficulties in her life.

Dharamraj is the justice of his village. He is just like the God. His order is followed by the villagers just like a justice’s order. Recently, his son has raised some questions on his injustice. Arjun is not satisfied with the act of Dharamraj. He has planned to kill Hiten.

Today, Santo is looking very beautiful. Today is her anniversary day. She is taking a lesson for her life from Dadi Ji. In the lesson, she learns the responsibilities of being a mother.

Dharamraj celebrates her anniversary day to cut a cake with his family. Everyone is very happy today. Dharamraj goes to upstairs to clean cakes from his clothes. Santo is also very happy today. She celebrates cake with her sister. Finally, Santo also goes upstairs to clean her face.

On the other hand, Arjun has drunken much. He has planned of killing his brother – Hiten. In the downstairs, everyone is dancing and celebrating the party. On the upstairs, Arjun is busy to break everything from a bat.

Suddenly, Dharamraj comes. He sees his position. He gets much anger. He tries to make Arjun understand but he is not ready to listen anything. He is not ready to accept Santo as her mother. He blames on his wife also. Finally, a great fight takes place between each other. Arjun hits from a bat on the head of his father. Dharamraj falls on the ground. His head is bleeding. He is unconscious.

On the other hand, Santo comes towards the room. Arjun thinks to kill his father completely otherwise he may be sent to jail. To know the twist of Bandini serial watch some more episodes on NDTV Imagine.


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