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“Music Review of Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex Movie” From Blog

Recently, released movie Sass, Bahu Aur Sensex’s music review in discussion. It has a great song “Abhi abhi jo tu aayi hai”. The song is most famous now by this movie for the month of September. For the review of the movie I am going to recommend a blog which name is “Know about latest music”. It has great reviews about another song also but the music of Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex movie you can read here in simple.

“It is new movie which music review is necessary here after the Crazy 4 music review. Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex songs has been released in the directions of Randolph Correa, Bipin Panchal, Blaaze ect. Its lyricists are Blaaze, Raqeeb Alam, Shona Urvashi and singers are Monica, Javed Ali, Krishna Buerra, Blaaze.

Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex movie
Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex movie

The movie is recently released and it is a comedy movie also like the crazy 4. In the reviews of Saas Bahu and Sensex HT writes, “Abhi abhi jo tu aayi hai is a pleasant break from the spate of uninteresting compositions in the album. Beautifully rendered by Javed Ali and notably penned by Raqeeb, the simple soulful song falls into the romantic category. Randolph Correa has taken a very fresh approach to the piece and presented it in an enjoyable package. Thumbs up for the track…read more…

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Lemon Rice – How to Cook from “Food and Recipes – Cooking Tips”

Recently, I visited a blog which was for food and recipe cooking tips. I got here a fantastic recipe idea which was for lemon rice recipe. I am going to publish that article directly here to get knowledge about how to cook lemon rice.

Lemon Rice Cooking Tips – Lemon Rice Recipe:

Lemon rice is an especially South Indian recipe. It is very famous and people from every place want to eat because it is very delicious cook. The food is especially for Ganesh God also.

Let’s share its cooking tips. At 1st for lemon rice, there should be some necessary Ingredients:

Boiled rice 2 cups

Oil 3 spoon

Mustard seeds ½ spoons

Gram seeds 1 spoon

Curry leaves 7 pieces

Peanuts 1 spoon

Ginger 1 spoon

Lemon juice 3 spoon

Coconut 3 spoon

Turmeric powder ½ spoons

Salt (according to tested)

Green chili 1 spoon

How to cook-cooking tips for lemon rice:

In a pan keep 3 spoon oil after it mix all these above mentioned ingredients. Fry all these for sometimes. In last mix boiled rice and lemon juice.

If you have not tried it then now you should cook now lemon rice because here is very easy step to cook lemon rice recipe.

Source From: Food and Recipes – Cooking Tips

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Blog On Philosophy

Philosophy has been divided by its theory. Most logical philosophical theories are from Europe so I will write about European philosophy. The Value of knowledge is the essence of philosophy. Two philosopher have been included in the scientific philosophy. One is Marx and Seconds are Hegel. However, there were many philosopher in the world of scientific philosophy and their books were related to scientific philosophy.

From Galileo To Feuerbach time is called as Classical Epistemology. It is the time when nature was dominated on the philosophy and philosopher were inspired by natural philosophy. All the aspect of logic was related to nature and books were related to these topics.

Marx and Engles time was Critique of Political Economy. In their time all the philosophy was related to human society that is why Marx has announced that there is no more space for philosophy because science is taking place.

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