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MTNL Introduces Unlimited Broadband Combo Plan

Recently, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. which is cities largest Broadband and total telecom service provider announced to launch new Unlimited Broadband Combo plan including land line at Rs. 495 with 320 kbps downloading speed to the peoples of Mumbai.

Unlimited Brodband Combo comes at monthly rental of Rs. 495 along with Rent free Land line, Rent free DSL Modem and High Speed Broadband connectivity at 320 Kbps.

The plan will be available in a limited period – form 1st March 2010 to 31st March 2010. The plan name is DSL_Unlimited_Combo_495. It is available on Broadband + Land line at Rs. 495 monthly rent.

You can use annual subscription also that is optional in just Rs. 5445. The plan offers 320 Kbps with 1 free E-mail Id. With this plan, land line call charges will be same as normal landline plan. DSL modem rent is free.

You can get more information about this plan dialing 1500 /22221500 (Toll Free). You can register complains also dialing 198 (Toll Free). For technical assistance you can dial 1504 or 22221504 (Toll Free).

MTNL Unlimited Broadband Combo Plan offers many more users oriented features to use faster connection with dedicated bandwidth.

In this same category, BSNL also announced Broadband Bonanza of free VAS for new subscribers. BSNL Broadband Bonanza is available for new customers. Customers will get 3 VAS over the broadband connection named Games on Demand services, Music & Video on demand service and free Web conferencing services at free of cost. You can enjoy the offer up to April 30, 2010.

Therefore, now the government sector has participated to offer valuable services to the users. You can just enjoy the services at affordable prices. I think this is the best offer from both – BSNL and MTNL in the area of broadband. So, I give a thumps up to both.

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Reliance Broadband and TV Product

Recently, Reliance group announced for TV product – BIG TV. It is one of the fast growing products of Reliance in the consumer market. However, Reliance has got succeed in the market of broadband also.

There are two most famous products by Reliance – Broadband and Big TV. Both products are new in the market which has been launched by Reliance group. In spite of, these products have gotten great popularity in the market.


Broadband is the 1st product of Reliance group which has gotten right place in Indian market. Most of the customers are satisfied with higher speed. For the PC 150Kbph speeds are most satisfied. It has easy way to payment also. The entire customer can pay either online, check or cash. Customer can move easily with the product one place to another.

Another product is BIG TV which has been launched nearly. It is also easy if a customer move one place to another. The TV product has many features. It provides up to 200 channels and customer can pay for views. It runs on the basis of pay-per-views.

There are many packs also in the TV product. A customer can subscribe according to his needs. It is just like pre-paid mobile recharge. A customer can recharge his subscription buying a top-up recharge coupon.

These two products for Indian consumer electronics market have greater value for daily uses. It has no need of cables so, customer need not to pay the charge of cables also. Time to time customer can get many offers also.

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