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Amit and Falon Became Champions of Dance India Dance Doubles on ZEE TV

Dance India Dance Doubles Winners

ZEE TV celebrates the biggest event on 9th April, 2011. It was grand finale of Dance India Dance Doubles. It was organized in Mumbai. Grand finale of DID Doubles started at 8PM on ZEE TV.

Hosts of the Show Jay Bhunsali and Shweta Salve introduced the grand finale. They welcomed grand master Mithun Da. Masters Geeta Kapoor, Rajeev Surti and Marzi Pestonji are also welcomed on the stage of DID Doubles grand finale.

We watched many beautiful performances of Geeta Ki Gang with Master Geeta, Rajeev Ke Rockstars with Rajeev and Marzi Ke Mastane with Marzi. We enjoyed a love triangle performance also of Mithun Da with Geeta and Shweta.

Prithvi and Vivek performed really a great act on this stage. Top 9 Jodi of DID Doubles came on the stage for a special act. Superstars of Season 1, Season 2 and Dance Ke Baap performed together to promote an upcoming dancing reality Show on ZEE TV – Dance Ke Superstars.

Four finalists are seen in the grand finale of Dance India Dance Doubles – Vivek – Saurabh, Vikram – Niharika, Amit – Falon and Cornell – Sonali.

We watched the best performances of top 4 finalists of DID Doubles on ZEE TV. We really enjoyed the Show with the great humor, fun and comedy. Jay and Mithun Da entertained us in a very new sense.

Finally, we faced the moment of winner announcement. Vikram – Niharika got 4th position. Saurabh – Vivek got 3rd position. Amit and Falon became the champions. They won Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi. Carnell and Sonali got the position of runner-up.

Amit and Falon became winner of Dance India Dance Doubles on ZEE TV after the struggle of 15 weeks. Both got a TATA Nano by TATA Motors. It was the biggest celebration of dancing doubles on ZEE TV.

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