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Ring Ka King Championship Began with International Wrestlers on Colors TV through Ring Ka King: Wrestling Ka Mahayudh

Ring Ka King TV Show

I am very confused to see international wrestlers on Indian Television. We have watched them on World Wrestling Entertainment. Now, they have joined Indian TV Show – Ring Ka King for the championship. Is it their downfall?

I watched some top wrestlers of the WWE and TNA in Ring Ka King on Colors TV. They have joined the Show for the Heavy Weight Championship title of Ring Ka King.

The Show premiered on 28th January, 2012. It has been scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM in India. It is a new and Indian version of wrestling TV Show.

Format of the Show is very similar to World Wrestling Entertainment. There is a commissioner to make the rule. The background of Ring Ka King TV Show is filled with enthusiastic wrestlers. There are commentators to comment on the Show in Hindi. There is an announcer to announce the name of the wrestlers. There is referee to judge the match.

There is a host also to run Ring Ka King Show. The host is non-other than Harbhajan Singh, the most popular Indian cricketer.

We watched Chavo Guerrero Jr, Max B, Sir Brutus Magnus, Dr. Dinsmore Nicholas, Sanjay Dutt, Mahabali Veera, Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan wrestlers in the first episode of the Show. They are introduced by the host of the Show.

We watched two matches between Dr. Dinsmore Nicholas-Mahabali Veera and Sir Brutus Magnus-Matt Morgan. These matches are won by Mahabali Veera and Matt Morgan. So, they entered into semi-final.

Colors TV has announced to introduce 30 international wrestlers on the platform to entertain Indian viewers. First time, wrestling is introduced as TV Show in India for the Ring Ka King Championship with international wrestlers.

Viewers have too more expectation with the Show. They want to see Undertaker, Khali, John Cena and The Rock on the Show. But their name has not been included in the list for the Ring Ka King Championship.

Ring Ka King is a Total Non Stop (TNA) wrestling Show on Colors TV. Abyss, Broadway, Cliff Compton, Harry Smith, Jimmy Rave, Luke Gallows, Zema Ion, Angelina Love, Mickie James and Raisha Saeed are also included in the list for the championship. There will be Diva wrestlers too to entertain Indian viewers.

There is glamour, humor, emotion and action in Ring Ka King. But actions and stunts of Indian wrestlers are not very perfect like international wrestlers. It is a perfect entertaining Show for Indian viewers like Survivor India.

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Ra.One Music and an Opinion about Ra.One Music Review

Ra.One music is as popular as Ra.One movie. It released on September 12th 2011. However, the music album was leaked online two days earlier. Now, almost all online portals have removed the album due to copyright act. Shahrukh Khan invited the entire casts and crew of the movie at the time of music launched.

Ra.One story is based on a character of superhero. It is featured with Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles. The movie is scheduled to release on 26th October, 2011. Ra.One music launched events are available at: on the official YouTube page.

Ra.One Music Composer:


Ra.One Lyricists:

Atahar Panchi, Vishal Dadlani and Kumaar

Ra.One Singers:

Akon, Hamsika Iyer, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani, Clinton Cerejo’s Choir, Shruti Pathak, Nandini Srikar, The Prague Philharmonic Choir, Sidd Coutto and Sukhwinder Singh

Ra.One Soundtracks:

Chammak Chhalo

Dildaara (Stand By Me)


Bhare Naina

Right By Your Side


Jiya Mora Ghabraaye (The Chase)

Chammak Chhalo (Punjabi Mix)

Comes The Light-(Theme) (Instrumental)

I’m On-(Theme) (Instrumental)

Song Of The End-(Theme) (Instrumental)

Chammak Chhalo (Club Mix)

Criminal (Club Mix)

Chammak Chhalo (International)

Chammak Chhalo (Remix)

There are total 15 soundtracks in Ra.One album. Lists of these soundtracks are updated by many big portals.

My experience is really awesome listing Chammak Challo soundtrack of Ra.One music. However, all songs of this album are really appreciating and amazing. This is the best musical composition of Vishal-Shekhar. Lyricists have also done great job offering the best lyrics in every soundtracks.

“Dildaara” is another most appreciating soundtrack of Ra.One album. “Raftaarein” has taken a very new shape. It is derived from the older version of Bollywood. I had some good experience with “Right By Your Side” also.

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Competition of Just Dance Begins to Choose Top 3 and Bottom 3

Just Dance

Competition of Just Dance begins from 6th August, 2011 on Star Plus to choose top 3 and bottom 3 dancers each week. It is the first week of Just Dance Show competition on Star Plus. Contestants are seen face to face to show themselves the best on the stage.

First performance is played by Rajatdev. His performance was energetic and much appreciating. Soumita Roy is seen in a very new avatar. She performed on Lavni dancing style.

Surjeet Bansal comes to perform on Ariel-cum-Contemporary dancing style. Overall, his performance was good but he was not OK with contemporary form.

Ankan Sen delivers the best performance on the stage of Just Dance on Star Plus. He performed on Chhao dancing style.

We watched the performance of Kruti Shah also on contemporary dancing style. She delivers the most adorable romantic performance on the stage of Just Dance.

Karan Khanna was not very good in this episode. But Abhas Mukherjee did the best job. He shows his expression and energy in the best way.

Mehar Malik comes to perform on African Jazz dancing style on the stage of Just Dance in this episode. Performance of Hitesh, Swarali, Irfan and Preeti was not much appreciating like others.

Top 3 Dancers:




Bottom 3 Dancers:




Top 3 and bottom 3 dancers will perform again in next episode in front of Hritik Roshan. One will be chosen as the best dancer of the week among top 3. The top dancer of the week will be awarded by Rs. 1 lakh.

One will be chosen as the worst dancer of the week among bottom 3. The worst dancer will be eliminated on Sunday. Hritik Roshan will be seen on Sunday only. Episode of Saturday will be judged by Farah Khan and Vaibhavi. Just Dance Show is anchored by Ayushman Khurana. It is the most appreciating dance reality Show after ZEE TV Dance Ke Superstars.

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A New Drama to Scout a new Bride for Ishaan in Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus

Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus
There is a new drama to scout a new bride for Ishaan in the recent episode of Sasural Genda Phool. Ishaan asked her parents that he wants to get married.

Recent episode of Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus begins with the dream of Ishaan. He sees Suhana in his dream. He always sees Sashikala as Suhana in his dream. He is very confused. It was the time of morning. Suhana enters into in his room to do worship.

Ishaan asks her to not come in his room. Suhana starts a fight against the thought. But she doesn’t get succeed. She runs away from there. She was crying today. She tells about it to Isha Bhabhi.

On the other hand, Ishaan calls Inder, Ilesh and Deepak to tell about his dream. He wants to know about it. He asks them about it. Ilesh tries to make him convince in the psychological way. He tells him that there is no existence of Suhana. There is only Sashikala. He tells him that he loves Sashikala sub-consciously. But his conscious mind recognizes her as Suhana. Ishaan was still confused.

On the other hand, Suahan was very upset in Sasural Genda Phool. She thinks to teach him a lesson. She wanted to take him away on the second honeymoon.

Now, Ishaan is seen with his grand-father. He asks about his marriage. He asks them to see a suitable girl for him. It was unbearable for Suhana. She was just boiled.

Rajani handles the situation and asks her to let see a girl for him. She was ready for a new drama in Sasural Genda Phool. She convinces Suhana that no girl will accept him.

What will be a new twist in the drama? Will Ishaan identify Suhana? Will Ishaan find a new bride for him? Watch some more episodes of Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM to know more about it. Sasural Genda Phool is a family drama like new Birju of Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke.

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A Disruption in Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV

Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV

We watched a great disruption in Dance Ke Superstars in the episode of 14th May, 2011. It began with Jai. Jay claimed that his track was changed. He was dancing with Amar in Dance Ke Takkar Round 2 on the House and Hip-Hop dancing style. Suddenly, Jai stopped his dance and claimed that his track has been changed. He is not able to perform anymore. Now, a great debate began between Jai and judges of Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV.

Judges didn’t want to listen to Jai’s aspect. Jai also didn’t want to accept his mistake. Finally, judges get angered. Host of the Show – Manish Paul handle the situation very carefully. At last, Jai accepted his mistake.

Episode of Dance Ke Superstars on 14th May, 2011 was begun with the solo performance of Team Jalwa – DID 2. Kurti performed on contemporary dancing style. She scored total 25 marks for her performance.

Prince came to perform from Team Josh – DID 2 on MJ dancing style. It was the solo performance of Prince. He scored total 25 marks. He was superb in his performance like Michael Jackson.

Kishore came from Team Jalwa – DID 2 to perform in solo round of Dance Ke Superstars. He performed on freestyle dancing style. He scored total 25 marks in his performance.

Mayuresh was again superb in his dancing style in the solo round from Team Josh – DID 1. He scored total 30 marks for his contemporary dancing style in this episode of Dance Ke Superstars.

Performance of Vandana was not superb in this episode in solo round. She performed on Mujra and Jazz dancing style from Team Jalwa – DID 2. But Alisha from Team Josh – DID 1 was superb in her performance in solo round. She performed on Nautanki and Hip-Hop dancing style and scored total 30 marks.

Finally, drama begins in Dance Ke Takkar Round 2 in Dance Ke Superstars. It was the performance of Jai and Amar. Judges decided to keep both team on same marks. No team wins in this episode of Dance Ke Superstars. Winner team will be announced next week in the grand finale of Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV. The Show was started after Dance India Dance Doubles on ZEE TV.

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Amit and Falon Became Champions of Dance India Dance Doubles on ZEE TV

Dance India Dance Doubles Winners

ZEE TV celebrates the biggest event on 9th April, 2011. It was grand finale of Dance India Dance Doubles. It was organized in Mumbai. Grand finale of DID Doubles started at 8PM on ZEE TV.

Hosts of the Show Jay Bhunsali and Shweta Salve introduced the grand finale. They welcomed grand master Mithun Da. Masters Geeta Kapoor, Rajeev Surti and Marzi Pestonji are also welcomed on the stage of DID Doubles grand finale.

We watched many beautiful performances of Geeta Ki Gang with Master Geeta, Rajeev Ke Rockstars with Rajeev and Marzi Ke Mastane with Marzi. We enjoyed a love triangle performance also of Mithun Da with Geeta and Shweta.

Prithvi and Vivek performed really a great act on this stage. Top 9 Jodi of DID Doubles came on the stage for a special act. Superstars of Season 1, Season 2 and Dance Ke Baap performed together to promote an upcoming dancing reality Show on ZEE TV – Dance Ke Superstars.

Four finalists are seen in the grand finale of Dance India Dance Doubles – Vivek – Saurabh, Vikram – Niharika, Amit – Falon and Cornell – Sonali.

We watched the best performances of top 4 finalists of DID Doubles on ZEE TV. We really enjoyed the Show with the great humor, fun and comedy. Jay and Mithun Da entertained us in a very new sense.

Finally, we faced the moment of winner announcement. Vikram – Niharika got 4th position. Saurabh – Vivek got 3rd position. Amit and Falon became the champions. They won Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi. Carnell and Sonali got the position of runner-up.

Amit and Falon became winner of Dance India Dance Doubles on ZEE TV after the struggle of 15 weeks. Both got a TATA Nano by TATA Motors. It was the biggest celebration of dancing doubles on ZEE TV.

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3 New Series on Sahara One – Hi Padosi, Niyati and Kala Saaya from January 24

Hi Padosi, Niyati and Kala Saaya

Sahara One is again back with its 3 new series based on different themes and stories. All Shows are launched on 24th January, 2011.

“Hi Padosi… Kaun Hai Doshi?” is a very unique romantic-comedy serial on Sahara One which is introduced by Kadar Khan. Sanjeeda Sheikh, Giriraj Kabra, Muni Jha and Govind Khatri are the leading casts of the serial.

“Hi Padosi… Kaun Hai Doshi?” is based on two families who reside in a Ram Bharose Co-operative Society. They always fight but their children love each other. You will surly like the Show like Heart-Breaking Love Story in Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna. The serial tries to entertain us with romantic-comedy with Kadar Khan every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India.

“Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji… Niyati” also starts from 24th January, 2011 at 9PM. The serial is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday. “Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Uljhi… Niyati” is based on a girl who has to choose responsibility towards her parents and duty for her husband.

“Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji… Niyati” tries to expose the real scene of our society. Niyati Sharma introduces the serial as a girl who is attached in the relationship. The serial raises many questions to its audiences such as – should girls detached completely from their Maayaka after marriage etc.

Kala Saaya is a new horror Show on Sahara One which begins with horrifying episodes. It airs every Monday to Friday at 11PM from 24th January, 2011. Kala Saaya is based on the research of evil power also. The serial tries to introduce a world which is beyond from us.

So, all new 3 series – Hi Padosi, Niyati and Kala Saaya on Sahara One have different themes, stories and essence. Hi Padosi and Niyati are main events on the Channel. These new series are launched on the concept of “Nayi Saheliyaan, Nayi Kahaniyaan, Naya Sahara One”.

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