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Thesis on Time Value of Money for SMU MB0029 Assignment

a) “Write a short note on time value of money.”

b) Mr. Ram Prasad deposit Rs. 10, 000 at the end of evry year for 5 years into his deposit account for 5 years. It earns a compound interest of 8% per annum.

1) Find out the amount of the end of the five years.

2) In case the interest is accrued for every half year, find out the sum of the end of the period.

3) What is the difference if he deposit Rs. 10,000 at the beginning of every year and the interest is compound half yearly?

Answer – a) Time value of money is the value of a unit of money at different time intervals. The value of money received today is more than its value received at a later date. In other words, the value of money changes over a period of time since a rupee received today has more value; rational investors would prefer current receipts to future receipts. That is why this phenomenon is also referred to as “Time preference of money”/ Some times it occurred as time value of money.

b) = 10000 FVIFA (8%, 5y)
= 10000 x 11.734

1) 117340
2) 157340
3) 4000

c) Mr. Arvind desires to purchase 10 bonds whose face value of each bond being Rs. 10,000 and the maturity period being five years. The nominal rate of interest is 9% and the required rate of return is 13% what is the price should be willing to pay how to purchase the bonds?

Answer – c) Interest payable 1000 x 9% = Rs. 90
Principal repayment is Rs. 1000
Required rate of return is 13%

VO = 1 x PVIFA (kd, n) + F x PVIF (kd, n)
Value of the bond = 90 x PVIFA (13%, 5y) + 1000 x PVIF (13%, 5y)
= 80 x 3.791 + 1000 x 0.621
=303.28 + 621
=Rs. 924.28

b) VO = 1 x PVIFA (KD, n) + F x PVIF (kd, n)

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Role of POW and Advisers in Property Business

Q. What is Property on Wheel (POW)?

Answer: – Property on wheel is a car which is GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled. The car is driven by property manager because of to reach immediate to related area. Suppose you are buyer and you are looking for flat in Dwarika, you need to contact through IVR or directly to POW to your nearest property on wheel (POW). POW takes SMS and contact immediate to you. POW manager will show you variety of flats and society which would be convenient to your location and budgets. POW manager have lots of data and records which will helps you to reach each other flat and society in terms of price, location and space.

The POW service is on 0% brokerage. It means there is not any cost to the buyer and renters because POW needs only confidant customers. POW is only for buyer but seller can also take the advantage on different scheme.

Company has a scheme to local brokers because local brokers are life line for properties. Company has decided to contact good brokers in all area. Good brokers’ means, whose brokers, which want to learn technical term and technologies because POW is not use old concept, but used new and new technologies in real estate. Technologies like GPS, Mobile Software, Google API, take Lat Long through mobile.

There are few terms and conditions also for the local brokers. Local brokers should have a white car. That car will be converted by POW with the GPS lace and branding. For GPS and branding the car, local brokers will have to pay 15000 Rs. to the company.

When the local brokers will provide the business to the company then company will pay 50% from the earning many.

Property Adviser:-

Adviser model is very important role to play for earning quick many because there are no terms and conditions for advisers. This is only part time job or business in real estate sector.

No any conditional terms to get direct and quick money. If you are interested with our adviser model then you pay only first time to 6999 + tax. If you pay amount to the company then the company will send to you mobile software. You have to install it in your mobile. Mobile software will help you for your business. Company will provide online e-learning training material and glossary.

If lead generates for the adviser then one SMS go to POW manger and second one is go to the confirmation to the adviser. When any deal got clear then adviser will get 20% of total brokerage. In your online account you will get 25 daily SMS free and more than 15 type of greeting card to send it free to your customers.

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Loan money online

A a danish citizen i can be hard to find the right place to apply for a loan. It’s easy to find firms that will loan you money, but it’s hard to find those who will loan you money at fair rates. This article will give you 3 pointers on where to apply for your loan.

X-mas i not just the time of eating well and giving away presents. It’s also a time of spending money, lots of money. As X-mas get more commercial your family and friends depend on you giving them something nice. Something nice don’t come cheap and if you have the economy for it you should consider applying for a loan, and get them what they aren’t. In dk the cheapest option during X-mas is julelån – Julelån normally give you a more fair rate than the normal loan types.

I like to say we have one loan provider for each 10 citizens. There a so many firms that will loan you money – why? Because it’s a very lucrative business. That also why you have to be cautious when you pick a provider. The are loan providers that seem to have no morale what so ever. They max up the interest ate through hidden fees and service payments. This is why its important to know the correct place for getting loan, else you could end up loosing a lot of precious money. If you need more in for on a loan in DK please read: Hvor kan jeg låne penge. This article provide you with the info you need when applying for a loan.

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Do you earn money on online?

One the web most of the people are talking about earning money. If you have some chat friends or forums friends or even social communities friends, they known to you about earning money online tips. They will give you some sites or blog to get tips earn money even earn dolor $$$ they are announcing that they earn huge $$$ on online. What is its reality? Do you earn money on online?

I don’t think earning money is easy but people talk eaisly about it. I know getting job or free lancing is the way but I don’t think about referring friends, completing contest is the easy way to earning money. If I visit some affiliate site they also talk about earning money.

I am not sure about it because still I have not got any money from online and what is the way to get money easily. I don’t think it is easy. What do you think about online money?

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