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G Fone 571 – G-Fone 571 Dual SIM Mobile Phone Launched in India

G-Fone 571 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Recently, G-Fone announced to launch G-FONE 571 mobile phone in India. It is a new handset of G-Fone. It is equipped with 208 MHz speed processor. G-Fone 571 has mobile move viewing experience to a completely new level.

G-Fone 571 mobile phone is available in two colours variants – black and white. The phone has extremely sleek looks with the metallic body. It offers 2.2” landscape QVGA display and QWERTY keyboard.

G-Fone 571 phone has a 1.3 mp Camera with flashlight. FM radio, MP3 Ringtones, Music Player, Stereo and Bluetooth are other attractive features of the phone.

The phone has an expandable memory of upto 8 GB. G-Fone 571 handset is equipped with Mobile Tracker, Long Distance Control, an Indian Calendar, Motion Sensor, Web Cam, Built-In Modem, EDGE connection, Opera mini and USB.

G-Fone 571 offers Snaptu and Nimbuzz pre-installed application also. It is featured with social networking also. The phone is priced at Rs. 3999 in Indian market.

G-Fone 571 Key Features:

64000 Colors OVGA Display

2.2” Screen Size

2000 SMS

Mp3 Ringtones

FM Radio

Mp3 Music Player

1.3 Mp Camera

Unlimited Video Recording

Full Mp4 Support

Expandable Memory up to 8GB

Mobile Tracker

Long Distance Control

Stereo Bluetooth


Web Cam




Torch Light



Motion Sensor

These are the main key features of G Fone 571. You can get many small features also that make our life comfortable. It is a stylish phone with advanced key features and latest technologies.

G Fone 571 gadget has almost all capabilities to attract Indian customers. It is an affordable phone in Indian market. QWERTY key board and Dual SIM are the most attractive features of the phone. G Fone 571 phone is featured with almost all latest equipments. Designed of the phone is being compared with Blackberry Bold 9700 white.

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Battle of Touchscreen Mobile Phones

It was the time of 2006 when Apple has released the iPhone. It was 1st well known touchscreen mobile phone. With this product Apple was a brand name and Steve Job who was its CEO, a well known name. Soon the Phone got popularity in the world and it was famous as touchscreen phone.

It was the 1st phone which make people aware about the web on the phone. With the handsets many application has been introduced which was related to web. At 1st YouTube was access on this. Albums were introduced on the phone etc.

But with the year of 2008 there were many manufactures in the competition of iPhone. In the competition Nokia, Blackberry even Google has launched its touchscreen mobile phones. From Nokia, 5800 XpressMusic, from Blackberry there was BlackBerry Storm and from Google there was T-Mobile G1.

Google Vs iPhone

At 1st Google introduced its mobile phone with a new technology which was based on Android. Like this Blackberry, Nokia and now Samsung with its Omnia is in the market of touchscreen mobiles.

The battle of touchscreen mobile phones was started from the success of Apple iPhone. Apple sold its handsets in all over the world and earn millions of money. In this situations all the manufactures were busy in mobile phone market.

A big competitor as a Google mobile comes in the market against iPhone but still the iPhone craze is not down. Still the success of iPhone is high. What will happened next it is undecided.

Recently, on the launch of Google Earth for iPhone, some popularity has increased for iPhone now again.

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