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About the Social Widgets

Here I will talk beyond the blog. I am talking about widgets. How you can derive people to your social profile by the widgets. There should be an active profile on social sites. You should be able to updates on regular basis on the social sites.

Social sites will be appear on that widgets and your updates will be shown by the widgets. The widgets are by a social sites that is MyBlogLog.

All the updates on different social sites by you which is new or your neighborhood will be shown by the widgets.

There are many widgets by that site but I prefer this which is able to show all the updates on full page of the site.

I am talking about it because you can derive traffic from one source that is widget. I am posting here a blog which tell you about that widget. The blog is Look into its Widgets and Social Sites post about more and in footer or right or left navigation there are more widgets which show all the activities by you. But the widget which is in its footer that shows all your activity from another social networking or bookmarking sites.

Visit its one and let me tell about its widgets if it is OK.

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